The Cleanest Way to Keep Food Fresh in Your Walk-In Cooler

It's no surprise that the foodservice industry has made a lot of drastic changes in the last decade. From pursuing eco-friendly appliances to learning how to cut back on kitchen real estate, the industry has put a lot of thought into how to be less wasteful and more resourceful. According to the FDA, food waste in the United States makes up between 30-40% of food supply.

Knowing how much food is going to waste each year may leave you wondering how much money you could be saving if you cut back on the loss of supply. So, how can you keep food fresher for longer and make improvements to your foodservice operation?


We've talked about how a Bluezone unit can create safer, cleaner air in your restaurant, but it can also help protect your produce. Designed with food preservation in mind, the unit uses UV-enhanced oxidation to clean the air. It removes 99.9% of mold and bacteria while simultaneously eliminating ethylene gas that often builds up in walk-in refrigeration systems. This process improves the shelf life of produce, which saves you money and assists in reducing potential food waste.

Bluezone by Middleby

One Bluezone unit can treat up to 15,000 cubic feet of air and there aren't any filters you'll need to replace for maintenance. The unit is made to easily fit in any space allowing you to install it by mounting it to a ceiling or wall or sitting it on a shelf. 


Maintaining the quality of your food can seem difficult at times, especially when you know there's an expiration on items. Fortunately, Bluezone provides a surplus of amenities with its viral kill technology. By using ultraviolet automation you can increase the life span of produce sitting on the shelves of your walk-in cooler. This means you can reduce unwanted odor and prevent flavor transfer, which extends the overall life of your food by ensuring it's at your desired quality. 

bluezone diagram

A few of the many benefits you can look forward to with a Bluezone unit are:

  • UV air penetration is safe for personnel to breathe in and non-harmful to produce.
  • Easy to read display screen to track operation and bulb life.
  • Cleaning is a seamless process and takes little to no time. 
  • Disrupts the growth of mold spores and creates a healthier, safer environment for housing produce as well as staff entering your walk-in cooler.
  • Built-in controls monitor temperature and adjust as needed to preserve bulb life.


The journey to fresher produce in your refrigeration unit starts today. Let's say you wanted to add a BlueZone unit to your Bally walk-in cooler. By installing this piece of cutting-edge technology, you can expect complete control of the environment inside of your cooler, which equates to longer-lasting and fresher produce for your customers.

You can order your industry-leading Bluezone unit today and be amazed at your everyday food waste reduction. Not only will you be able to cut back on lost money when you install this innovative unit, but you'll physically notice a difference in how it impacts your produce.

Do you have additional questions on how a Bluezone unit can freshen up your foodservice operation? Contact us today to get a full rundown on additional perks, advantages, and learn why this unit is the top-of-the-line solution for keeping food fresh for longer in your walk-in refrigeration system.

Middleby's Bluezone Viral Kill Units are currently in the pre-order phase. To reserve yours, please fill out the form below, and one of our representatives will get back to you and confirm.


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