Making Foodservice in Healthcare Easier With Cambro

Foodservice in healthcare is very important since the food that is prepared and served helps to heal, comfort, and nourish.

In-room delivery and transport can be a large undertaking for assisted living homes, hospitals and rehab centers. Having the correct tools to make sure food is served at the correct temperatures with the least amount of disturbance can make a huge difference in your patient’s health and your facility’s satisfaction scores. 


Keeping food hot while getting ready to transport it to multiple locations canCambro Plate Heater seem like a juggling act. How do you keep the food hot as it comes out of the oven in different batches? A heat system will store the food on its individual plates while the food is being prepared and put on trays. Plate heaters are also helpful in keeping foods hot longer and are available on wheels for easy mobility in the kitchen.


Getting food from point A to point B three times a day to up to hundreds of rooms can be a challenge. Having equipment that moves smoothly while also keeping temperatures and preventing spills is as important and the quality of the food being transported. The Cambro Air Curtain Ultra holds 10 full-size sheet pans and holds temperatures at 41 degrees Fahrenheit for up to two hours with the door open. Providing plenty of time to easily deliver cold food items to multiple patients. 

Making sure patients aren’t disturbed by food delivery is easily accomplished by selecting carts designed to be as quiet as possible. Cambro’s Meal Delivery Carts are constructed from one piece of double-wall polyethylene, making the carts quieter maneuvering through hallways while keeping meals hot or cold during transport. 


How food is served in healthcare is as important as the way it's transported. TraysElevation healthcare - Cambro pellet system that have non-skid surfaces help prevent food from spilling while trays with handles make it easier for patients and staff to move trays. Plate holders, both for hot and cold meals, are important so the food is always at the right temperature, in case the patient isn't in their room or is taking a nap. Providing pitchers of water will help maintain patient hydration, especially important with the elderly. And don't forget the disposable lids for cups, bowls and glasses, which helps prevents costly unhygienic spills. 

Ready to discover how updating foodservice equipment can help your healthcare facility? Schedule time to talk to one of our expert reps and learn about a Cambro free goods program!

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