How to Make the Best Sandwich with Globe and Varimixer- Hands Down!

A great sandwich is so much more than a sandwich. It's a work of art, something to brighten the middle of our workdays, something that's carefully crafted and not just thrown together.

Sandwiches are also quite profitable. For almost any type of foodservice operation, having some type of sandwich option on the menu can be a great way to capture dollars that otherwise might go by the wayside. After all, not everyone is in the mood for a large, center-of-the-plate type option. Sometimes people just want a sandwich.

But what makes a great one?

Start With the Ideal Bread

When you eat a sandwich, the first thing you encounter is the bread -- both at the top and at the bottom. That's why bread is so critical to the overall success of your creation. While not every type of operation has the ability to bake in-house breads, for those who do, making your own bread is an easy way to control those first impressions.

Products_Ergo_HvidBaggrund-xsmall-v2While bread creation is so often filled with love, it doesn't have to be full of labor. Consider a solution from Varimixer. Just place all of your ingredients inside the mixing bowl, and let the machine do all the work to get your bread dough just right. If you don't mix the dough long enough, it lacks gluten strength that helps your bread rise and gives it the correct consistency. Mixing the dough too long gives you a dough that's tough and unappealing after its baked. The correct consistency is the only way to get a great base for an amazing sandwich. 

Varimixer can help you make larger batches, too, so you have all the dough you need for extended periods of service. Choose from a variety of sizes and options, from freestanding to countertop, and watch as each hand-made unit helps provide the perfect frame for your sandwiches.

Meat and Cheese Define a Great Sandwich

Some people like thick slices of meat and cheese on their sandwiches while others prefer theirs paper-thin. Some cheese and meats are hard while others are soft. This can make it difficult to cut all the types into the desired thickness. The Globe slicer the Globe GSO12, provides the ideal slice whether you're dealing with hard Asiago cheese or soft ham. It's designed to cut both hard and soft types of meat and cheeses, so you don't need multiple slicers to do the job correctly. 

download (3)Without a motor hump & spacious receiving area, the GSO12 offers room to set your freshly baked bread there and build your sandwich. Placing all the meats and cheeses onto the bread as you slice them allows you to minimize the mess in your prep area. The sleek design allows you to slice meats and cheeses faster than before. You can keep the other sandwich goodies, such as tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, and more nearby for fast sandwich prep time. 

The design helps you slice your sandwich essentials quickly and also makes clean-ups faster and easier. You won't need to take it apart to clean out all the nooks and crannies. This slicer offers fewer places that are hard to reach, making it easier to sanitize. You can wipe it down in seconds between preparing sandwiches, so you don't need to worry about cross-contamination. 

Almost all restaurants and food service operations have a couple of sandwiches on the menu. With the Varimixer and Globe products, you can create the most amazing sandwiches that keep the customer coming back for more. 

Do you want to see all of this in person? Our Chef's Playground is something you won't want to miss. Click the image below to learn more.

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