Elevation Foodservice Reps: The Home of The Modern Eater


The Modern Eater is Colorado's premier food and beverage show, highlighting everything in the metro Denver culinary world and beyond. If you're involved in the Colorado foodservice industry, we highly suggest giving it a watch or listen for the latest in F&B news.

The show features some of our favorite local and regional restaurants, bars, breweries, distilleries, and the chefs and operators that make them run. That's enough reason for us to love The Modern Eater, but the fact it's recorded in our own Chef's Playground Test Kitchen makes us even more fond of the production.

Several times a month, The Modern Eater production crew comes to our Denver test kitchen located in the Park Hill neighborhood to record the show, and there's a reason for it.

"Chefs, you can't elevate your game without Elevation," says Jay Parker from The Modern Eater. "Seriously, if you're a chef or restaurant owner in need of some equipment, this is your culinary playground!"

From gearing up for the Big Game to finding the place where charcuterie meets ceviche, we're proud to host the Studio Kitchen Colorado in our own facilities. Take a tour with our friends at The Modern Eater:


Visit the home of The Modern Eater, which is also Denver's one and only Chef's Playground. Schedule some time in our test kitchen today.




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