Have You Experienced Denver's Playground for Chefs?

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What do you get when you open up an entire commercial kitchen for Denver's chefs as a resource for experimenting and menu development? You get what's essentially a chef's playground, a place where the local chef or culinary class can come to figure out flavors and try out new techniques.

The Elevation test kitchen is a state-of-the-art facility where visitors can discover a full range of foodservice equipment and supplies all under the same roof, from ovens and ranges to plates and bowls. With a wide variety of solutions from some of the best manufacturers in the industry, we provide a resource for chefs to escape day-to-day business so they can come focus on new creations and the best ways to develop them.

Finding and selecting the right foodservice equipment and supplies can be a daunting task, as can finding the time to spend on menu development. When you walk through the doors of the Elevation test kitchen, those things aren't issues. Our staff of equipment and culinary experts will be there every step of the way, or if you want, we'll provide you the space you need to test, bake, boil, braise, pour, freeze, chill, and ultimately, taste, eat, and drink.

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Our state-of-the-art test kitchen located on 38th Street in Denver's Park Hill neighborhood is centrally located for easy access across the city and within a short drive of just about anywhere on the Front Range.

Our team is making every effort to keep Playground guests as safe as possible from the potential of COVID-19 infection, and that includes using a Germbuster from Eastern Tabletop. The Germbuster is a portable fogger that can help sanitize hard-to-reach surfaces in places like restaurants, hotels, gyms, hotels, convention centers, and in our own Chef's Playground.

We know it's tough going right now and entering places of business can be difficult, so we invite you to come in and play in the chef's playground whenever the situation is right and you feel safe to socialize.

We hope to see you soon, and we invite you to schedule some time at your convenience.



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